About Us

Active marketing and saving on cost and time.

One of the biggest problems facing companies and business owners is the high cost of advertising and telephone calls to introduce themselves and their merchandise. The fishbakher provides a platform for advertising and introducing itself free and unlimited to the labor market and capital.

  •     Publishers
  •     The fishbakher invites business publishers to their permanent and free trade show to present their products.
  •     Saving time
  •     Before the fishbakher appeared in the market, business owners were forced to spend a lot of time finding out the customers of the properties and the public. Also, the loved ones from different cities had to endure long journeys to find and price the goods they needed. We've solved this problem and made it easy.
  •     Targeted advertising
  •     Now, we give this promise to business owners and home users, which is a major hangover and a milestone among consumer and consumer vendors.
  •     Recruitment and employment
  •     Nowadays, there is a place for loved ones who are looking for personnel or work in different fields, so they can easily solve their problem with fishbskher and add their own recruitment and employment ads.

..The community of designers and ideas ...

  •     The fishbakher provides services to help your loved ones get informed of scattered searches to get you all the services you need.
  •     These services include.
  •     New products and brands of European brands.
  •     Along with the domestic and foreign manufacturers
  •     Major European factories.
  •     Society of Hawks and Ideas. Inner and outfit

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